How do you empower your gymnast to take control over her body?


1. watch this video:


2. Understand that pain isn't necessary

If your child has been a gymnast for long, I'm sure you're familiar with the lower back pain that plagues gymnasts.  

In fact, it was my own experience with back pain during my competitive days that led me to a career as a Chiropractor and "fixer of gymnasts."  When I was facing the pain on a daily basis I was told over and over again to leave the sport behind.  You'll understand what I mean when I say that wasn't an option.  Finally I found a Chiropractor who encouraged me to compete, not quit, and gave me the tools to resolve my back pain.

Today I treat gymnasts every day in my clinic in Birmingham, AL. 

I approach my practice with a preventative mindset.  Much of the pain common in the sport is due to restricted mobility in one of three primary areas: the shoulders, the thoracic back or the hip flexors.  I work with gymnasts to open up range of motion in these three areas while strengthening and reinforcing correct patterns of movement.  I utilize my proven system of MEDS (mobility, exercises, drills and stretches) to resolve and prevent pain and to teach gymnasts how to properly care for their body in the years to come. I've seen countless girls come into my clinic in debilitating pain only to walk out after full treatment course stronger and more powerful than ever. 

In fact, I've seen such overwhelming success in my practice that I decided to make my program available to everyone, regardless of where you are.  

Gymnast Fix uses my proven system of MEDS in either a 10 or 6 week online course that your gymnast can do from home or the gym.  Each course comes with detailed instructions and video demonstrations in an easy to follow format, so you're never guessing what to do.  You'll start and end your online course with a virtual screening with myself and receive weekly check-ins along the way. 


3. Start taking action today

Because I'm passionate about helping gymnasts, I want you to be able to start learning the skills necessary to begin improving movements right away.  I've put together some videos and PDF cheatsheets that I'm giving you access to right now.  I've compiled a goldmine of resources such as my complete post-training recovery checklist, how to harness your breath to improve abdominal strength, the 5 nutrition must's for a competitive gymnast, a complete hydration cheatsheet, and sooo much more!

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